Surry’s Sweetest Receives Donation from Westfield Elementary School

Surry’s Sweetest, a local type 1 diabetes support group, received a heartfelt donation from the 4th grade class at Westfield Elementary School on May 20, 2024. Surry’s Sweetest is a support group for children living with type 1 diabetes and their families. The group is coordinated by the Diabetes Education Program at the Surry County Health & Nutrition Center.

Surry’s Sweetest began 12 years ago and was created as a partnership between Surry County Health & Nutrition Center and local school nurses to ensure that students with type 1 diabetes did not feel alone in learning to live with their new diagnosis. The support group is heavily grant and donation funded and has been supported by the Surry County Health Foundation throughout the years.

The group provides fun events and activities at no charge to participants and their families. Children make friends with other students who also have type 1 diabetes. In addition, the group provides support and encouragement to each other while also eagerly embracing new families with children recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Mr. Pell’s 4th grade class spearheaded the fundraiser to show support for a fellow student recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Upon hearing about the plans, Mrs. Varney’s 4th grade class excitedly joined in on the efforts, and eventually the whole school became involved. The generous $300.00 donation, collected largely by coins given by the kindhearted elementary students, was presented to Surry’s Sweetest by the students in Mr. Pell’s and Mrs. Varney’s 4th grade classes and by their school nurse, Danielle Robertson, RN.

Surry’s Sweetest is grateful for the community support and welcomes children and families to join the group. For more information about Surry’s Sweetest, please contact Kelly Whittington or Michelle West at 336-401-8419.
2024- Donation from School to Surry's SweetestKelly Whittington, RN, CDCES, from the Surry County Health & Nutrition Center accepted the donation, on behalf of Surry’s Sweetest, from Westfield Elementary’s school nurse, Danielle Robertson, RN, NCSN.