E-911 Addressing Program

The purpose of the E-911 Addressing Program is to protect the safety and
welfare of the general public through the orderly assignment of addresses to
facilitate the location of individual dwellings and businesses by emergency
response personnel.

Need an Address
Once you have applied for a new address, it will take between 5 and 7 working
days to process the request and notify you of your new address. Surry County
utilizes a complex mapping system to process and assign addresses. The
process includes a field visit utilizing Global Positioning Systems and
sophisticated mapping procedures in the office. All fieldwork is completed each
Monday, with the remainder of the week devoted to the mapping process. Any
fieldwork related to a request received between Tuesday and Friday will not be
completed until the following Monday.

Numbering Method
A set of numbers consisting of three, four, or five digit natural number-called a
structure number, shall be assigned at intervals of 21.12 feet along a roadway
centerline. Odd structure numbers shall be assigned to the left side of the road
and even structure numbers shall be assigned to the right side of the road.

Posting of Numbers
All numerical identifications must be easily identifiable without obstruction of
view. Any dwelling or business located at more than 100 feet from the roadway
and/or not clearly visible, shall be required to have numerical posting at both the
entrance or driveway and located in close proximity to the front door or entrance
way. Postings at the entrance or driveway to a dwelling or business shall be at
least three (3) feet in height. Postings in close proximity to the front door shall be
five (5) feet in height.

Naming Private Roads
Private roads are roads or driveways that are shared by more than one dwelling
or business. Property owners with frontage on a private road have the ability to
name said road. Two-thirds of the applicable property owners shall agree on a
private road name in order for it to be accepted. The County will not accept those
road names that duplicate existing road names or that sound "deceptively
similar" to existing road names. If the property owners fail to name the road in a
timely fashion, the County will name the road from a random listing of available
road names. All private roads must use one of the following suffixes: lane, way,
or trail.

Address Request Form