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08/12/16 - 08/31/16
August is Immunization Awareness Month!

SCHNC will be hosting an event for local superheroes to raise awareness about childhood immunizations. For more information, Click here! For more information in Spanish, click here!   

09/06/16 - 09/25/16
Strolling for Breastfeeding

Raise Awareness and Support Breastfeeding in the Community! For more information, click here!  For information in spanish, click here! 


Well Program

Well Construction

 Any time that a water well is drilled in Surry County, a permit is needed. This covers drinking w  ater wells as well as irrigation wells and farm use wells. We

go out and make sure that you meet the separation distances as mandated by state and local rules. We really tell you where not to drill a well instead of telling you where to drill a well. We will permit an area but the final well location (within that area) will be up to you and your certified well contractor.

A well construction permit involves a site visit to locate a proper placement of the well, a grout inspection of the well during construction, a well head inspection once complete, and a water test.

Well Construction Permit Application


Well Repair

If your existing well needs to be repaired you will need a well repair permit. This permit covers having a well dug deeper, having the casing extended, having an IJngrouted well grouted, installing a packer and liner, etc. There is no charge for this permit.

Well Repair Permit Application

Well Abandonment 

When you have a well that needs to be permanently abandoned, we will go out and issue the permit for abandonment. We will examine the well, tell you what needs to be done, and be on site when the well is abandoned. If a well is functioning properly and is not a potential source of contamination there will be a permit fee for an abandonment permit. Well Abandonment Application

Every application will need to include a Site Plan that includes all proposed structures, existing well(s) and septic system(s), proposed driveway, proposed decks, porches, or other appurtenances, and areas

to be graded. You may obtain a site map from the following page:

Site Plan Link

Well Construction Permit Application 

Well Repair Permit Application

Well Abandonment Application

Well Rules

Private Wells Branch NC DEH

Certified Well Drillers

Helpful Homeowner Information -Wells


Well Water Sampling

Bacterial -This test samples for coliform bacteria. Coliform bacteria are indicator bacteria that can show if other bacteria are in the water. This test also tests for fecal coliforms. This is done in house and we usually have results within 24 hours.

Chemical -The standard test samples for 19 different chemicals including lead, iron, and manganese. This sample is sent to the state lab in Raleigh and we can usually have the results within a few weeks.

Petroleum -This test samples for petroleum byproducts. This sample is sent to the state lab in Raleigh and we can usually have the results within a few weeks.

Pesticide -This test samples for the presence of pesticides. This sample is sent to the state lab in Raleigh and we can usually have the results within a few weeks.


Well Water Sample Application

Water Samle Results Guidelines